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Welcome to Micro Tech Namibia

Information Technology

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Corne Du Plessis,Owner

Corne started Micro Tech Namibia in 2008.  He has strived and driven the company to new heights in the tech scene in Namibia.  His inovative ideas continue to strive the company forward.

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Sven Mette,System Administrator

Sven is our system administrator.  He is determined and driven to sort out any issue that comes his way.  He is utterly professional and sure to sort out your dilema.

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Stephanie Schubert,Admin Manager

Stephanie is our admin manager.  She liases with suppliers and clients to make sure the correct negotations are always done.  She will go the extra mile to find cost effective ways to save the client money.


Mona-Lisa van Rooi,Accounts admin

Mona handles the companies admin department.  With loads to do she brings calmness to the storm with nerves of steel.


Casius Tjipute,Field Support

Casius leads the Micro Tech Namibia team in Kombat.  He handles the kombat minning project but does also assist with remote calls to other users.  His self efficient and determined mind set is one of the many reasons he is a key player in our team.


Bethuel Nguarambuka,Field Support

Bethuel handles Afritin mine for the team.  The mine needs 24/7 support and Bethuel provides that quick and effectively.  He also helps out with other remote calls as he is fast and efficient.


David Mutota

David is a hard worker and provides assistance to the team by providing uncanny work ethic.  


Leonard Mateus

Leonard provides a different element to the equation.  He does what is needed before it is needed and handles every situation with the utmost care.